Extra Extra! Make an Appointment with My Firestone Skill on Alexa

Enable the My Firestone Alexa SkillYour voice is powerful. Use it to help take care of your next oil change, tire rotation, or other car repair and keep your vehicle running stronger, longer!

Now you may be wondering…can your voice really do all that? When you enable the My Firestone Skill on your Alexa-enabled device, it can. Activate the Skill on your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap and then quickly schedule an appointment at a local Firestone Complete Auto Care. It’s the easiest thing you’ll do all day!

Book any type of service you need, whether it’s a last-minute brake check, winter tire installation, or battery replacement. Even when having work done on your vehicle doesn’t feel convenient, scheduling an appointment can be with the My Firestone Skill. Give it a try today!

Get Started With My Firestone Alexa Skill Tutorial

Make life easier with one of the best Alexa Skills for car care.

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa app in the Apple App store or Google Play.
  2. Enable the skill. Open the Alexa app, select “Skills” and search for My Firestone. Click “Enable.”
  3. Link your account. Link My Firestone to your Amazon account and complete the setup.
  4. Talk to Alexa. Ask Alexa to schedule your next Firestone Complete Auto Care appointment today!

How Do You Talk To Alexa & My Firestone?

You can talk to Alexa like you’d talk to one of our auto care advisors. Just be sure to start every conversation with, “Alexa, open My Firestone.” Here are a few potential scenarios:

“Alexa, open My Firestone.”
Alexa responds.

“Book an appointment for tomorrow at 9 in the morning.”
Your appointment with Firestone Complete Auto Care for December 10 at 9:00 am has been scheduled. Our customer service representative will contact you to confirm final details.”


“Alexa, ask My Firestone to schedule an appointment on August 5 at noon.”
Your appointment with Firestone Complete Auto Care for August 5 at noon has been scheduled. Our customer service representative will contact you to confirm final details.

After you make your appointment, we’ll contact you to double check your information. This is also when you can select a different vehicle, change your appointment date/time, and provide more details about any car problems you’re experiencing.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Enable the My Firestone Alexa Skill today! Give it a try and leave a review. What did you like? What would you like to see changed? Your feedback makes a difference. Let your voice be heard, because Alexa isn’t the only one listening. When you talk, we hear you. Outstanding customer service and quality car care are our top priorities!

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