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Maintenance, Repair, Replacement: Ideas to Keep You Rolling.

How to Survive a Tire Blowout

First you’ll hear a loud BOOM, then a sudden jerk and pull to one side. At highway speeds a tire blowout can cause an inexperienced driver to panic. Before you start getting your tires in a twist, know that a tire blowout doesn’t have to spell disaster. Read More

Don’t Let Low Pressure Tires Cause A Marriage Blowout

A true confession by someone who should know better. Aaron Gold Aaron Gold is an automotive journalist who contributes to a variety of publications, including, Autobytel,, and He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two sons, a bunch of pets and way too many cars.   It was an uneventful drive […] Read More

Nitrogen in Tires

A tire filled with compressed air will lose 1 PSI in less than a month; with nitrogen this could take three months or longer. Read More