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A Mom’s Guide to Road Trips

Guest Blogger: Ashley Wilson Hi friends! This winter we lived in Florida for 6 months. It was so fun to have a change of pace with no snow and lots of beach days! I also loved decorating our house– I really went all out and took some risks because I knew it was temporary. The […] Read More

Screen-free Ways to Entertain Kids

Guest Blogger: Chelsea Padgett When I was eight my family moved from the burbs of Northern California to the high desert of Central Oregon. Every summer we would road trip back to Cali to see our Grammy and our friends. I remember helping my dad pack the back of the minivan like a real-world Tetris […] Read More

Road Trip Hacks for Kids

  Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Cannon Summertime has officially begun and you know what that means, don’t you? It’s road trip season! If you guys remember we took a super long road trip last year to Arizona, and we will not be doing anything that crazy again, but we have a few shorter road trips planned. […] Read More

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