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DIY Road Trip Hacks for Kids

Guest Blogger: Lauren Racobaldo Just like it did when we were children, the excitement of packing to head to the shore takes over our house the week prior. The girls get so excited to hang out with their cousins and Tom and I are busy checking things off our list that we don’t want to […] Read More

A Dad’s Road Trip Guide

  Guest Blogger: Lex Valishvili   A road trip is an exciting word at any age or geographical location. Either it’s a drive through the evergreen mountains of Oregon, by the beach and palm trees in Florida, or through the deserts of Arizona—with just a few things aligned, I believe, it can be a memorable […] Read More

Road Tripping in Arizona

Guest Blogger: Maria Oreta Arizona was my old dream. I wanted to see with my own eyes the incredibly beautiful nature of this state. That’s why I was so happy when the night before my birthday Gelcy made me a surprise and we went on a family road trip. After 14 hours on the road […] Read More

Road Trip Essentials

Guest Blogger: Melissa Sonico WE’RE HOPING TO START A FAMILY TRADITION of summer roads trips—or just in general, whenever we get the chance. Anything from a quick day trip to Joshua Tree or a week(end)-long excursion to Big Sur or Marfa. We’re lucky to live only hours from some amazing locations like Joshua Tree and […] Read More

Road Trip Ready

  Guest Blogger: Paige Rangel Our family is all about road tripping in the summertime! We just arrived in Colorado and we are already loving the cooler temperatures. It is just too hot in our home state of Arizona to be there all summer. And as much as my husband and I would like to […] Read More

Travel Tricks for Moms

  Guest Blogger: Rochelle Mangold Summer is road trip season, and our family is always on the go. Mr. Marigold and I are both from Iowa, so we try to get back as often as we can to visit our families. While that isn’t nearly as often as we like, it’s often enough to have […] Read More

Crazy for Cars? What to Know About Indy Cars

Indy cars that race in the Indianapolis 500 are more than cool. They’re works of art. If you’re crazy for cars, then check out these facts about Indy cars from Firestone Complete Auto Care. It’s time you got up to speed on the cars that make the Indy 500, “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing!” Read More

On The Road to Indy

Whether you’re an Indy 500 newbie or an experienced veteran, there are few things every race fan should know. We’re here with a few helpful tips to enjoy your trip to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Read More