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Maintenance, Repair, Replacement: Ideas to Keep You Rolling.

A Mom’s Guide to Road Trips

Guest Blogger: Ashley Wilson Hi friends! This winter we lived in Florida for 6 months. It was so fun to have a change of pace with no snow and lots of beach days! I also loved decorating our house—I really went all out and took some risks because I knew it was temporary. The tricky […] Read More

Screen-free Ways to Entertain Kids

Guest Blogger: Chelsea Padgett When I was eight my family moved from the burbs of Northern California to the high desert of Central Oregon. Every summer we would road trip back to Cali to see our Grammy and our friends. I remember helping my dad pack the back of the minivan like a real-world Tetris […] Read More

Road Trip Hacks for Kids

  Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Cannon Summertime has officially begun and you know what that means, don’t you? It’s road trip season! If you guys remember we took a super long road trip last year to Arizona, and we will not be doing anything that crazy again, but we have a few shorter road trips planned. […] Read More

Road Trip Prep

Guest Blogger: Geneva Karwoski If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that my family recently bought a ’71 VW camper bus which we named Goldie. We have been working hard to get her road trip ready so we can beat the desert heat this August with a trip up to Northern California. I […] Read More

Road Trips Done Right

Guest Blogger: Heather Castillo Thinking back to all the trips that I took as a child, the road trips with my grandparents were always my favorite. Whether we were driving up the east coast, or just a few hours away, each minute spent in the car and sightseeing were so memorable. I knew that when […] Read More

Kid-Friendly Road Trip Games

  Guest Blogger: Jarrett Hendrix If you did not already know, I am the proud father of three wonderful children. Each of them are very unique in every way, and the summer trips are amazing! Sike!! Summer trips are an absolute nightmare. They are filled with bathroom stops, me driving in the car while everyone […] Read More

Exploring Central Oregon

  Guest Blogger: Jhamil Bader Central Oregon offers diverse scenery from the high desert of Smith Rock State Park to the lakes, mountains and lush forests along the Cascade Lakes Highway and Santiam Pass. I’ve teamed up with Firestone Complete Auto Care to bring you a summer travel itinerary from of our recent road trip […] Read More

Road Trip Hacks

  Guest Blogger: Jehava Brown Our family loves to travel. If you follow me on Instagram, you know…we are always taking road trips, or hopping on a plane to go somewhere. It’s important for us to get away, and enjoy all different cities have to offer. There’s a downside to traveling as a family and […] Read More

5 Things to Do on a Road Trip

  Guest Blogger: Kayla Petering If you have followed us for any length of time you know we like to road trip! Having just finished up a Southwest road trip and getting ready for a Northwest trip in September I thought it might be time to share some of our road trip secrets and the […] Read More

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