Bridgestone’s DriveGuard Tire a Top-Pick for College-Bound Kids, says Houston Chronicle

Hatchback trunk of car open, showing car packed and ready for collegeShower caddy? Check. Extra-long twin sheets? Check. A trustworthy set of tires? Huh?! While a car’s safety features may not make the top of your student’s college checklist, it’s about time they did (or at least scooted up the list, right under the mini-fridge).

In their July 31st issue of Back to School, the Houston Chronicle highlighted the unique safety benefits of Bridgestone’s DriveGuard tire for college students. Along with high-tech, built-in vehicle safety features like automatic emergency braking, the Chronicle also highlighted the latest advances in fuel economizing technology and in-car connectivity.

While many sought-after safety features are limited to higher trim levels, not all safety features cost a pretty penny. Checking for proper tire inflation and monitoring your tire tread are two precautions that cost nothing but time. Given, however, that two in three teens don’t know how to change a flat tire, check or change the oil, or jumpstart a battery, Bridgestone’s DriveGuard tires may be the safest bet for rookie drivers and anxious parents.

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Basic tire care may seem like a small thing, but it’s critical to a safe driving experience. In fact, a well-inflated set of tires with healthy tread may be more beneficial for your safety than any high-priced back-up camera or emergency braking system. Without a solid set of tires, your vehicle can’t respond to road conditions in the way the manufacturer intended it to, which makes the latest technology much less effective.

“For drivers (or parents) who would rather not have to risk traffic speeding by just feet away or being accosted by someone while dealing with a flat or blowout,” writes the Chronicle, “consider vehicles that come with run-flat tires” or take the time to install them on any late-model car or crossover.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bridgestone’s one-of-a-kind DriveGuard tire and get an instant quote online or at your nearest Firestone Complete Auto Care location.

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