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Is Idling in Winter Bad for Your Car?

Letting your car warm up in the winter can make things nice and toasty before you get in, but is it good for your engine? The crew at Firestone Complete Auto Care tackle your toughest questions to get to the truth! Read More

White, Blue or Black: What Is My Exhaust Color Telling Me?

The phrase “black and blue” usually describes a bad bruise. What does it mean if your vehicle’s exhaust is one of these colors? Before your next drive has a chance to "go up in smoke," review our car exhaust color coding to help you determine if it may be time for an oil leak repair, an engine tune-up, a coolant check, or something more serious. Read More

Top Reasons Your Car Isn’t Starting

You turn the car key, only to discover that your trusty ride won’t turn over. You try a few more times, but nothing happens. What’s going on? There are hundreds of reasons why your car might not be starting, but a handful of usual offenders. Read on to see if your car might be suffering from one of these problems! Read More

4 Oil Change Myths—Busted!

While some myths are relatively harmless, others could do some pretty serious damage if believed. So forget urban legend. Follow along as we debunk some of the most common oil change myths to help keep your engine running stronger, cleaner, and longer! Read More

5 Habits to Avoid When Driving in Winter

Winters are rough on your car. The freezing temperatures and icy roadways can cause some inevitable wear and tear to your vehicle – but could you be accidentally making things worse? Check out these 5 winter driving habits that we’ve pretty much all been guilty of, and see what to do instead. Read More

Myth Busted! Why You Shouldn’t Idle Your Car In the Cold

Millions of Americans will soon be waking up to frosty roads, icy windshields, and stone cold engines. If you're one of the many drivers who thinks it's important to turn on your car and let it sit before hitting the road in wintry weather, you could be doing your engine more harm than good. Find out why this winter driving myth needs to be busted! Read More