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Why Is My Brake Light On?

Sometimes all you can do is cross your fingers and hope for the best. But when the brake light illuminates on your dashboard? It's not one of those moments. Ignoring this dashboard light could prove dangerous. Learn why this important light comes on and how to handle it. Read More

Top Reasons Your Car Isn’t Starting

You turn the car key, only to discover that your trusty ride won’t turn over. You try a few more times, but nothing happens. What’s going on? There are hundreds of reasons why your car might not be starting, but a handful of usual offenders. Read on to see if your car might be suffering from one of these problems! Read More

SOS! Warning Signs Your Battery May Be Dying

Learn more about the driving habits that could be weakening your car battery (without you knowing it) and avoid the frantic stress of a vehicle that won't start by watching for key warning signs that could mean your trusty battery is on it's way out. Read More

Car Safety Features To Be Thankful For

Vehicle safety features have come a long way since the first car was invented, and that's something we're grateful for year-round. While airbags and seat belts are obvious safety features we wouldn't want to live without, there are several high-tech features that have become game changers. From preventing accidents to protecting us when accidents do occur, these safety features are worth a nod of gratitude! Read More