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Car Maintenance Checklist For Your College-Bound Kid

Textbooks? Ordered. Bean bag chair? Packed! A safe vehicle? Time to double check. If your child is taking a car to college, there are a few additional things to consider on top of their dorm room necessities. Walk through this checklist with your college-bound kid to make sure their car will be there for them when they need it most. Read More

5 Habits to Avoid When Driving in Winter

Winters are rough on your car. The freezing temperatures and icy roadways can cause some inevitable wear and tear to your vehicle – but could you be accidentally making things worse? Check out these 5 winter driving habits that we’ve pretty much all been guilty of, and see what to do instead. Read More

Driving in Fog: High Beams or Low Beams?

It starts with the sky turning an ominous grey. Then, the thick, hazy fog rolls in, obscuring the road in front of you. Anything beyond a couple hundred feet is a cloudy white. It’s both frustrating and dangerous to not clearly see the road in front of you. Do you turn on your high beams or low beams? And what’s the difference? Read More